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Two weeks ago, I had an amazing meal at a tapas restaurant called Alta located in Greenwich Village. The restaurant was a little tricky to locate as there was no signage and the facade looked like all the other brownstones on the block. But once inside, it feels like you’ve stepped into someone’s house in the Spanish countryside. The decor filled with heavy dark wood tables and dimly lit candle lighting for ambiance. The hostess walked us upstairs to our table which overlooked the main dining room. 

The food was amazing. We started off with 4 items and told the waiter to leave us the menu to order more for later. First came the crispy brussel sprouts with apples, creme fraiche, and pistachios. If you usually don’t like brussel sprouts, these will make you fall in love with them. The sprouts were slightly crispy and charred giving them a nice smoky flavor while the apple balances out its natural bitterness. Next, we had the fried goat cheese dipped with lavender infused honey. As per my friend Winnie, this dish looked like curry fishballs that you can get at a hawker stand in Hong Kong. Honey and cheese usually pairs well, but the added scent of lavender made it so much more special. The lamb meatballs were served piping hot over a tomato based sauce with a slightly cooked egg yoke. We ordered and shared 8 dishes in all and then we each got a dessert as well. For dessert I had the torija which is like a sweet bread pudding-like dessert served with ice cream and a blueberry compote.

By the way, all the tapas dishes came out really fast. So fast that we think a lot of them were already premade in preparation for the Friday night dinner crowd. Alta only accepts cash and American Express. If you don’t own an AMEX card, be sure to bring plenty of cash. This meal was really good, but also quite expensive.

Alta, 64 West 10th Street, Greenwich Village, NYC



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