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Harvesting fruits and vegetables is so much fun. Nothing says summer better than a perfectly ripe peach. After seeing photo’s of Alstede Farm’s peaches, I just had to make a trip over there to see for myself. They said this has been one of their best peach crops ever. The fruits are amazing! The peaches are juicy and sweet. I had to control myself for not picking too much. Seeing all the fruit on the tree makes me so happy! 

Alstede Farm pick your own is open everyday from 9-6PM with a $5.00 entrance fee. They do give you back a $3.00 coupon to use towards your purchase. Yes, it cost more than buying it from the market, but the joy that you experience from just being on the farm and picking the fruit right off the tree is all worth it. 

Alstede Farms84 Route 513 (Old Route 24), Chester, New Jersey



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