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Japan Day Two- Osaka Dinner Time

When traveling and looking for restaurant and suggestions for dinner, Anthony Bourdain always comes up as a source for reference. And so, this is how we decided on dinner at Koyoshi Sushi (小好鮨) in Umeda District, Osaka.


Doing some research before the trip, we found that this sushi restaurant seats around 8 people max and the owners Mr. & Mrs. Yano spoke no English. I knew ordering food would be tricky and so I downloaded a sushi guide onto my phone before the trip. It came out to be very helpful. At least we knew what we were eating and was able to tell Mr. Yano that “no we don’t want fugu” (a fish filled with poisonous stuff). 

It took us a while to find this tiny place since it was already dark and raining by the time we got back to Osaka. Directions on their Facebook page suggested: 

Between JR Umeda and Hankyu Umeda central train stations. Located in a small busy alley behind the Hotel New Hankyu. We are on a triangular corner near a convenience store, Daily Yamazaki. Koyoshi is just a little hard to find, but truly worth the effort.

Slide the doors open and bam, the seats and sushi counter was right there! It is small. I don’t know how else to explain it. We were warmly greeted by Mr. Yano and his wife. With my two years of high school Japanese, I was able to order us hot green tea and water. Then we just told him “Omakase” in Japanese which means “I’ll leave it to you”. Mr. Yano brought us fish after fish after fish. Each piece was huge! I’m not sure if sushi is usually served this size, because it certainly is not served this way anywhere I knew in New York.

I can’t remember the name of all the fish we ate. We were given a small dish of pickled ginger and nothing else. Each fish is already seasoned with a brush of soy sauce and dab of fresh wasabi. You really don’t need anything else with fresh fish. 

Abalone in the showcase!image

Sea bream sushi and some other fish…image

Sake or Salmon sushi. Huge piece! 


This was the Otoro or Fatty Tuna! It was so fatty, it left a thin layer of oil on my lips. It was divine! 


Next came creamy Uni or sea urchin. 


Ebi or cooked shrimp


This white piece was some kind of clam. 


This was Anago. We didn’t know what it was so I looked it up on my sushi guide app. It was conger eel and it was so good! 


Our last piece of fish. Can’t remember what it was. =)


After our meal we asked Mr. Yano for a photograph or “Shashin” 



Our meal cost us around 4,000 Yen each, which is roughly US$43.00 per person.  

Koyoshi Sushi Osaka (小好鮨)
Hours: 6:00PM- 12:00AM
Thank you Lydia for providing some of the photos! 




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