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Birthday Dinners

Ahh, another year has passed! A little older, and a little wiser (ehh, maybe).

Birthday celebrations started with a bunch of my greatest friends from college. It was a joint birthday dinner celebrating for both me our friend Stephen, as we share February birthdays. 

Dinner was at Pio Pio in Hell’s Kitchen, NYC. For starters we shared the cebiche and the causa (whipped potato) stuffed with crabmeat. The cebiche looked like a tuna tartar more than the traditional Peruvian cebiches. It tasted a little sweet, but was good and fresh. In addition, the causas were very flavorful and there was quite a bit of crabmeat. image


Pio Pio is known for their Peruvian style roasted chicken. Their Matador Combo could serve 3-4 people. It comes with a whole chicken served with a plate of rice & beans, avocado salad, tostones (crispy fried plantains), and a huge plate of salchipapa (sausage & french fries). The chicken was nicely marinated with  Peruvian spices and the meat was tender and juicy. We also shared a huge plate of seafood rice. image

Dessert was a little disappointing, so just skip that if you come here. 



Birthday celebrations continued and this time it was dinner at Fukurou, a small Japanese style izakaya in Greenwich Village, NYC. Supposedly, they have a very nice selection of Japanese sake and beers along with tasty tapas style Japanese dishes. 

Fukurou is known for Zuru Teba, their amazingly delicious, fall of the bone, grilled chicken wings. One order comes with 3 pieces. image

We ordered a bunch of other small dishes and shared everything. Food here is good. If you come here strictly for dinner, I recommend you order a rice dish or the omu yakisoba (egg omelet wrapped around stir fried noodles) to fill you up. Here are the other dishes: 

Seared Fatty Salmon with Roeimage

Avocado Tofuimage

Grilled Black Pork Ribimage

Fried Baby Mackerels image

Kobashira Tempura Rollimage

Deep Fried Tofu Simmered Beefimage

Omu Yakisobaimage

Grilled Black Pork marinated with Misoimage

Finally, Mango Pudding Cheesecakeimage

Thank you everyone for all your birthday wishes. It’s been a tasty birthday!!

Pio Pio 8, 604 10th Ave (btw 43rd & 44th Street) Hell’s Kitchen, NYC

Fukurou, 87 McDougal Street (btw Bleeker & W Houston St) Greenwich Village, NYC