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Veggie Garden Update 7.14.13

String beans, string beans. I love string beans. I was able to pick a handful last Sunday. We got plenty of lettuce to make salads as well. Some little critter is eating our tomatoes as soon as they ripen!! And it just takes a bit and leaves the rest on the ground. My mom has been picking them when they’re orange/yellow and letting the tomatoes ripe off the vine. How do you deter animals from eating your garden? 


June 8, 2012 Veggie Garden Update

We’ve been getting so much rain lately that I thought it would help with the garden. However, my mom said the rain actually hurt some of the plants. Many of her melon plants were just sprouting, but the heavy and frequent rainfall was too much for the poor sprouts and they got damaged. Oh no! No bitter melons this year? We’ll try again.

I have so much kale. Last night, I put some on a cookie sheet sprinkled some sesame oil on top with a pinch of salt and roasted them in the oven until crispy. So good! 

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The absolute best part about growing your own veggies is harvesting.  It’s so fun to pick your own veggies.  It looks like I’ll be eating string beans for the next couple weeks. The second best thing is when you cook and eat them.  

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Monday, 11:00AM. Mom’s veggie garden.  

String beans and arugula are ready to harvest.  In a few more weeks we’ll have tomatoes and cucumbers!

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String beans are the current harvest. It’s looking like tomatoes are next.  Mom and I was able to eat two grape tomatoes that were ripe; we just plucked them off the vine. I was also able to harvest one beet.  The rest are still too small.  Hopefully by the end of the month I’ll be able to make beet salads.